Cat’s got your tongue! Just kidding. That would be terr … first of all who developed up with that? It’s startling. Imagine a bit cat paw. Ehhh. Animal adoption centers are offering free cat yoga grades, which are supposed to be a good thing, but it’s a bad thing, because of remorse. Whaattt ??? So you’re gonna tell me I’m going to this class to unwind and then it’s like[ sings “in the arms of an angel”] and I don’t wanna be like, staring at a cat that’s like, “please, take me home.” Like, that is not what I need to relax.

I’ll be doing a downward dog and first of all, be like, “should I be doing a downward cat? I don’t want to offend.”[ meows] This cat comes along and is like, rubbing the rug and rubbing the rug and rubbing the rug. And is just pulling apart my rug and I’m like, “I’m fuming at this cat.” First of all, also I have cat allergies and yoga’s all about subsisting.[ cough noise] No bueno. I, I, I cannot handle the pressure. I will lose, I will be planking and plopping. I reputed I was, like namastaying and now I’m like, is killing me, I’m going home with twenty “cat-o-nine-tails”.

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