Today we have 7 gods including me, then there’s 8 How could I be so unprincipled to (Mesothelioma Law Firm) have said that- Miss translator, don’t laugh! Let’s first greeted our 7 gods, Welcome, our Monsta X! Accepted! Let’s have our 7 members introduce themselves Hoo! Monsta X! We’re Monsta X South Korean hip-hop son group Monsta X has now come to Taiwan again shortly after less than half a year to maintain their first fanmeeting for Monbebes to have a good time Despite the most recent freeing of their mini album As well as taking upon many interrogations they never forget to play their chants 1,2, 3,4, (Asbestos Lawyers) The Monsta X who sings a capella to show different allures likewise learned some Chinese when coming to Taiwan and they know how to immediately put it into practice IM: From today on, you’re mine.

Good WH: From today on, you’re mine They have another one, right? MX+ MH: We’ll give you a full, big-hearted scaffold! H: They really are use what they just learned! What the previous host just learnt them they’re remembering now. It’s almost the new time I actually can teach them a style to make money like this. So in Chinese, when you say “Happy new time, render cherry-red (Hard drive Data Recovery Services) envelopes” elders will give them fund like this So it’s “Happy new year” MX: Happy new time “give red envelopes” Give cherry-red envelopes When they render it, you are able to stick your hand out like this HW: Render me cherry-red envelopes Render me cherry-red envelopes H: How did it come to this- How did they- how did they know I’m their elder? Like this I’m so- Monsta X with ultra-fast reactions not only learned some opportune statements on the way, but likewise learned some practical Taiwanese statements with our host. (Cheap Domain Registration Hosting)

H: shia mi, shia mi( “what”) Like, if Hyungwon wanted to ask Wonho: “What did you say? ” What did you say? “What” … “what” H: Right, “what did you say” The second one is “Wa ai lin”( I love you guys) I love you guys “I love you guys” is like this in Taiwanese I love you guys Right, so for the third largest one, The implication of this one is “Noona you’re so pretty” so you say “azi li jio sui” Noona you’re so pretty Right, so how about we face our madam wearing the denim jacket there and answer “Noona you’re so pretty”, okay? MX: Noona you’re so pretty H: How is it? Do you have any impressions? How do you say “dongsaeng”? “mue-ah”( Mei A) WH: Mue-ah! You grab water. (Car Insurance Quotes Utah)

* mispronunciation* IM: Ah, thank you H: Why did it turn into- H: I’ll teach an additional one that’s not on these boards. it’s called “la can”( Diao Qi) la can “la can” is- – why is the translator madam laughing like that” Diao Qi’ s Chinese implication is like, if you didn’t do something well, or if you didn’t dance well you are able to (Online Classes) appearance your members and say that.[ T/ N: it entails “to lose face”. Applied to express reproach] La can, la can WH: You, you’ve lost face H: I think they’re- JH: Noona, you’re so pretty H: Right La can H: Have “youve been” said that to a noona before? Noona, you’ve lost face Has our translator madam started crying yet- Actually, it’s almost been two years since Monsta X’s debut So to tell devotees get to know them better, we’ve specially prepared a test to uncover their trues and understanding H: First, of the 7 members, who’s physical persuasivenes is the worst? 1,2, 3[ softly concurs] The one who’s been pointed at a long time is Hyungwon T: (PHD on Counseling Education) He really doesn’t have any persuasivenes He’s lacking in physical persuasivenes I think that he must’ve used up a lot of persuasivenes when sleeping This second one is a bit hard Of the 7, who loves charm “the worlds largest”? 1,2, 3 What’s with Wonho? Because I’m a very handsome soul H: You guys at the back, what is that supposed to necessitate? T: This is the motion he does when he’s trying to flaunt his good looks[ acts as if it’s nothing] You know, in China like this it’s actually Sun Wukong’s pose[ attribute in Chinese myth] no, here Oh okay, so your hand has to be in the right place or you’ll turn into (Register Free Domains) a monkey Next, because there’s a lot of mitt gestures to demonstrate cherish I want to see if the hearts that all of the members acquire will be the same, okay? Right now it feels like they’re using telepathy How scary.

1, 2,3 Hold on Of these 4, it’s only his that’s different Who does Wonho do it like this? T: He envisioned I asked him to depict a nerve so he did it like that “You’ve lost face~ ” Actually for the next inquiry I’ll ask, I conclude I know the answer to I want to ask, who is the group’s moodmaker? So … the little sunshine( Minhyuk) has 1, 2, 3 votes and Hyungwon has 1, 2 so who is it? those two MH: Right, the two of us So how do you usually cheer everyone up? How about we see it (Data Recovery Raid) immediately? HW: I’m his assistant It’s mainly Minhyuk Let’s see that character played out for us MH:[ Mandarin] are you guys … ready? Yes We’re ready Are “youre ready” !? Ready! ARE YOU READY !? WE’RE READY! thank you They- it turns out they’re like this in private MH: Let’s have Hyungwon show us Okay, it’s your transform Are you guys … Ready ?! Are “youre ready” ?! Are “youre ready” !? No one is responding. (Personal Injury Lawyers)

How mean Okay, the last one. For the last inquiry Who in the group is the best at aegyo? You’ll have to demonstrate The person who’s opted will have to demonstrate 1,2, 3 So it’s I.M I.M, are you able show us three fixeds? Three cute continuous hits WH: There’s five Five? Okay Cute~ T: He’s really, really good at each of them. When he gets out of bed he makes a really cute showing MH: Five. Are “youre ready”? H: Okay, five Start! MH: Go WH: 3, 2, 1, start One T: The one he does when he gets out of bed Two. There’s more Three! Four! Five! That’s amazing No speculate he’s first place Then who was 2nd residence just now? 2nd residence was Jooheon right? Kihyun Kihyun JH: (Insurance Companies) Jooheon will “lose face” … MH: Kihyun’s right T: He has a sort of sexy and cute style of doing aegyo Then let’s have Kihyun show us a sexy one, okay? Flash us a sexy one hole, everyone? Staff, anyone? No one screamed.

Do another one. Quickly How about another one He:[ He’s the] teach Together! 1,2, 3 It’s okay now. Our translators are all embarrassed now, okay. Through these rebuttals, Monsta testified their cute and amusing backs as to properly indicate devotees But to merely do this, how can that be enough? Let’s have another small-minded play with ping-pong pellet hurling To ascertain what Monsta X’s desire to acquire is really like Next, the time limit is 30 seconds, okay? Every person has a lot of ping-pong pellets inside When they’ve thrown them all, the one who got the most in prevails Okay? Start That doesn’t count, his hands and hoofs are too long This height (Online Stock Trading)  seems to be an advantage, right? They’re all quite tall They seem to be too close to the containers Is I.M nervous? Since he throws various every time Look at him, Hyungwon’s been get them in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Okay, here For the first assessment, Hyungwon got 14 pellets in Wonho’s winning by a little bit at 15 I.M sits at 11 pellets Promptly moving on to the next round, what will the final results turn into? Okay, continuing onto the second round Okay, start they’ve felt a maneuver Kihyun has a trick The Little Sun hasn’t gotten any in Little Sun! Little Sun! Shownu got a lot in Jooheon doesn’t have a lot How much occasion is left? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Let’s see Jooheon’s Oh he hasn’t thrown all of them we’ll have to spill out his pellets first okay, there’s actually not a lot wait, maybe it’s double to a girlfriend here, 2…4… so let’s have the two people in first place and the past two people “I’ve lost face” … “The Little Sun’s lost face”, how about that? Next is Shownu Congratulations to Shownu for winning! But the little sunbathe, Minhyuk, has to do the “girlfriend lens” penalty Okay, so now the little sun is now facing a girlfriend H: Because Shownu’s educations just now (Forex Trading Platform) were- You’re standing too close He’s under a lot of pres like this Sorry It’s supposed to be close! Stand still, don’t move around Okay, hold on, because Shownu’s instruction just now was to do aegyo without stopping for 10 seconds to the girlfriend okay, 1, 2, 3 Are you angry? Are you angry? Oh my g- Was that 10 seconds? I conclude, wait- I don’t think this is to a girlfriend? “I’VE LOST FACE! ” Does everyone think he proceeds? Do it again do it again Because his phrase just now were “Are you mad? ” He says you can’t have just one phrase So this isn’t enough, right? Because just now it seemed like it was to the devotees We necessity a feeling that’s more like to an actual girlfriend Okay let’s try again Let’s be more tender to the girlfriend, alright? 1, 2, 3…

Girlfriend …. I’m sorry Sorry …. sorry~ sorry~ sorry~ sorry H: Let’s ask them, if it was like this- would you forgive him? H: I conclude our cameralady feels like she can’t say no otherwise she can’t leave like this through today’s interview, perhaps you’ve all get to know Monsta X better Whether it’s play-act music or how they act in private they all have Monsta X’s exclusive appeal. In the future, they hope to bringing Monbebes even greater material.

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