Putin Responds: Syria Strikes “Cripple US-Russia Relations”; Deploys Missile Warship To Syria Responding to Trump’s unexpected military attack on Syria in which 59 cruise missile were launched( of which only 23 allegedly reached their target ), Russian President Vladimir Putin “regards the ten-strikes as aggressivenes against a sovereign nation, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced , noting that the president belief the ten-strikes were carried out in violation of international law, and also under an invented pretext. The Kremlin spokesman insisted that the Syrian legion doesnt have chemical weapons, saying this had been observed and supported by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, a special UN unit. The Russian chairperson said he discovers the US missile ten-strikes as our efforts to distract attention from civilian casualties in Iraq, Peskov added.

This stair deals significant damage to US-Russian ties, which are already in a shameful state, Peskov said and added that the US has been ignoring the use of chemical weapons by terrorists and this is dramatically aggravating the situation, in Putins opinion. The main thing, Putin belief, is that this move[ by the U.S. doesnt describe us nearer to the end purpose in the fight with international terrorism and to the contrary, bargains a serious setback to the creation of an international bloc in the fight with it, Peskov announced. Other Russians took the opportunity to opine as well, is presided over by Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov who said the US missile attack on a Syrian airbase is an act of aggression under a far-fetched pretext and is reminiscent of the 2003 attack of Iraq.

Quoted by Tass, the top Russian diplomat announced “It is an act of aggression under a wholly far-fetched pretext. This is reminiscent of the situation in 2003, when the US and the UK, along with some of their allies, invaded Iraq without the agreement of the UN Security Council and in violation of international law.” “When speaking about the military forces intervention in Iraq many years after it happened, Tony Blair( who served as the Prime Minister of the United kingdom government from 1997 to 2007) acknowledged that they had misinformed everybody, ” Lavrov accentuated. “Now they did not even bother to provide any realities citing only to photos, ” he noted. “They revelled in speculations on childrens photos, on prove provided by various non-governmental organizations, including the so-called White Helmets, which staged various’ incidents’ to instigate act against the Syrian government.” Moscow will demand truth of Idlib occurrences, Lavrov emphasized. “It is regrettable that all these makes do more harm to the already injury closer relations between Russia and the United States. Hope is still these provocations will not involve irreversible impressions, ” Lavrov announced. Russian lawmakers also took to the microphone on Friday, warns that the U.S.

Airstrikes in Syria could lead to an escalation in conflict situations in the Countries of the middle east and dash any plans for a U.S.-Russian bloc against terrorism. Its a new round of escalation in the Countries of the middle east. These ill-judged, irresponsible actions dont contribute to global security, security in the Countries of the middle east, Andrei Krasov, the first deputy head of the defense committee in the Russian lower chamber of parliament, told state news organisation RIA. Other military conflicts, an expansion of military conflicts, are entirely possible, he added. Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev said the airstrikes necessitated the possibility of a broad-spectrum antiterror bloc in Syria bites the dust before it was even born. He said the aim of the U.S.

Strike was to rubber stamp responsibility on Mr. Assads for the substance attempt in Idlib province on Tuesday. The walls of Trump are proliferating. And everything started so well. Its a real disgrace, announced a post on the Facebook page of Mr. Kosachev, head of the international relations committee in Russias upper home of Parliament. Another lawmaker, Mikhail Emelyanov, warned against the risk of clashes between Russian and U.S. violences. The U.S. is being dragged into the campaign in Syria in the full knowledge that Russia is substantiating Syria and our troops are there, which necessitates its fraught with direct clashes between Russia and the U.S. and the consequences could be the most serious, even armed clashes and exchange of views among ten-strikes, Mr.

Emelyanov told Interfax news agency. In immediate response, Moscow suspended its memorandum of understanding on flight safety in Syria with the US following the missile strike, calling the two attacks a demonstration of power. The Russian military has supported the Syrian governments version of the events in Idlib, saying that Damascus assaulted an limbs depot where chemical weapons had been stockpiled by Islamic State and Al-Nusra Front activists. Without riling to investigate anything, the US travelled forward with a show of power, a military discord with a country that is fighting international terrorism, the Foreign Ministrys statement reads. Obviously, the cruise missile attempt was prepared beforehand. Any expert can tell that the decision to strike was induced in Washington before the events in Idlib, which were used as a pretext for a demonstration, the statement reads. The Memorandum on air safety was signed in October 2015, after Russia came to Syria to combat international terrorism at the summon of the countrys government. The document of understanding was designed to prevent possible misfortunes between the Russian and US Air Forces operating independently in the region.

Russias Foreign Ministry has condemned the two attacks as an example of the reckless stance that has only worsened prevailing world matters and developed a threat to international security. Additionally, according to Tass, with a view to responding to the ten-strikes, the Russian frigate Admiral Grigorovich armed with Kalibr cruise missile will be deployed to the Tartus naval base in Syria. The Russian Black Sea Fleets frigate The Admiral Grigorovich, currently on a routine cruise, will participate the Mediterranean later on Friday, a military-diplomatic informant in Moscow told TASS, adding that the vessel would make a stop at the logistics base in Syrias port of Tartus. “The Russian ship armed with cruise missile Kalibr will inspect the logistics base in Tartus, Syria, ” the source announced. The Admiral Grigorovich is currently near the Black Sea straits. It were any plans to enter the Mediterranean at about Moscow day. The ship left on a cruise after replenishing supplies at Novorossiisk and taking part in a seam exercising with Turkish ships in the Black Sea.

Tass’s source said the frigates presence off Syrias coasts will depend on the situation ..

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