Hello! I hope you are fine. Today I do a video in collaboration with Necromancy Clothing. It’s an australian alternative online garb storage. (Mesothelioma Law Firm) This storage sells labels like Punk Rave, The Crypt of Curiosities, Restyle ,… They mail me some products for a review. The shipping is very fast. It’s from Australia but it only took a week to arrive in France. It was really well packaged and protected with bubble fold. Cool thing: there was a Cd with 130 coldwave sungs in it! I listened some of these and it was so so great. (Sell Annuity Payment) To begin with, I received this little bottle of fragrance( 5mL) It’s by the brand Parfume Noire.

It’s called Devil’s Thorn[ some pronunciation troubles] It’s cool because it also exists in 25 mL and 100 mL. The 5mL one is more for people who are not sure to like it and don’t want to spend a great deal of money for it. It’s about $6. Honestly it smells sooo good. It’s patchouli and rose. I likewise received these (Donate Car to Charity California ) earings by The Crypt of Curiosities. These are swords with a tiny little black crystal above. It’s so gorgeous and long, I adore these! It was about $15. God I adore them so much better! And The Crypt of Curiosities attains jewellry with really good quality! Again from The Crypt of Curiosities, I have these other earings, With an Ankh cross and again the lil’ crystal above. These are very famous because it’s so beautiful, the big-hearted Ankh crosses look fantastic. Again $15. Again it’s a really good quality, it’s not like Claire’s quality! It’s so lovely! I likewise have, again from the grave, This little cameo with a dragon an a black crystal. (Donate Car for Tax Credit)

This label do a really good task, because on the back there is the dragon’s tail! It’s really beautiful, well induced, detailled and elegant. I received this necklace too: it’s by Alchemy Gothic, “Nosferatu’s rest”. Kind of known. It’s so pretty! There is Nosferatu in his coffin! It was about $40. It’s really cool and hand induced! It’s a really beautiful task. Necromancy Clothing (Donate Cars in MA ) likewise sells clothes( obviously ). The material I have is a very good quality so I think that clothes are too. And the packaging is done with care, it’s amazing. I really recommend this storage because it’s good quality! It’s a nice dealer. The connects of the articles and of this storage are in the description saloon below. Many thanks to Renee( Necromancy owner) for trusting me on such projects. Take care…(Donate Your Car Sacramento)

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