3,2, 1 Action Your lover seem intimidated It’s time to sleep, come on It’s too late Ok? Ok Ok, folded yourself in well Where you’re (Mesothelioma Law Firm) to lying on? The distance between us is not far enough so I can’t shoot your hands Please lying on the bunk well Tell me fold you in well Will you think my shooting skills are bad? Cause I can’t hit your appearance Are you feel cold? a little bit So I gonna use my body temperature No …( What? body temperature ?) Here are a blanket Don’t worry Thank you Are you still feel cold now? It’s much better Good night! Oh, are you was sleeping? Exclusively that? so bad Are you trying to flee? I don’t know how It’s a (Sell Annuity Payment) busy period today, you must feel so tired Please sleep well Goodnight! You have to sleep now Don’t look at me like that It’s time to sleep, come here! I feel so tired! I don’t want to sleep, you sleep first Ok, so I gonna sleep now OK, byebye No, you can’t Come on, you have to work early tommorrow Come on and sleep It’s okay I will make you if you don’t sleep “Laa”( The name of the doll) (Donate Car to Charity California ) Why did you hurl my “Laa”? So sorry! Please don’t made me be gentle Ok, I sleep Come on I Leart from you Why did you forget to take off your socks? You help me Ok “Smelly” Oh, sorry! This is how you treat your lover? Do you have anything to say? I don’t want to sleep But..(Donate Car for Tax Credit )

Let’s do something other do what? play online competition? Esther you have to do an intention Yes, (Donate Cars in MA ) you have to pamper me Don’t thinking of it You have to pamper the camera Don’t thinking of it You will feel so tired for work tomorrow if you being like that No, that’s not what I mean “You will feel so tired for work tomorrow” I mean … Alright … You will feel so tired if you don’t sleep early You have to sleep now leave it tommorrow Good night Good night. (Donate Your Car Sacramento)

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