Special Globalist Agenda Watch Note 2 April 2017: The 2017 Crisis Schedule Yesterday, I http://lastviralnews.com/wp-login.php?lexpected myself how the globalists will fit all their scheduled crises together in a coherent chain of events. The answer came to me today: if the globalists go for it this year, the NWO transition will take place in three stages Phase One Initial US vs China war crisis, global economic crisis, May Day chaos in the streets, and Trump replaced with Pence( late-April thru May) Phase Two Wealth confiscation( bank bail-ins ), crisis building between US and Russia, and a formal BRICS proposal to implement the NWOs gold-backed fiscal method and UN reforms as the solution( May thru September) Phase Three War crisis with Russia, counter-coup in America( Pence replaced with Rand Paul ), total method shutdown, and a reboot into the Putin-led NWO( September onward) I will expand on all this in the next full update( which is now up ).

If you are a brand-new reader, speak Understanding the NWO Strategy and the NWO Schedule of Implementation 2017 to bring yourself up to quicken ..

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